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So, that's over a week now with the Up! Overall, I love the car and so pleased I decided on this and not some other make.

A couple of things I need to get used to:

closing the parcel shelf. EVERY time I move it to put something in the boot I forget to close it and don't notice until I am sitting in the driver's seat. I am sure eventually I will learn to close it.

Moving the front seat to get something in the back. It is a bit footery, but that might be just because it is new.

the handle to pump the driver's seat up or down - itdoes do something. I wondered what the handle was and kept pulling it but it didn't appear to do anything! No wonder I kept having to move the mirror and was banging my head when I was getting in the car! Do'h! Eejit!!
I felt like I needed monkey arms to reach the gear stick

When out driving I am constantly on Up! lookout and get way too excited when I see another one. I have to stop myself from giving them a wee wave. I am sure the novelty will wear off. Or will it?!

One last thing...I hear VW are thinking of bringing out a special edition Up! for the Midlands. It is called ay Up! me duck
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