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Covered extensively elsewhere by the look of it, but I'm coming late to the party and catching up.

Just highlights how useful owners clubs / forums are as I wasn't aware blocked drains are an apparently common issue on Up!s with quite serious consequences... potential problem sorted before it ever happened.

Did the Citigo too and it's drains are far more accessible, though with the right tools the Up!s was easy enough too.

Old lawnmower throttle cable less it's sheath, keep the ball end on so as to give it better pushing power / less likely to scratch paint.

This one was plenty long enough to come out behind the wheel arch liner and while you can't see it you can hear it against the plastic there so know you've reached the end.

When I was doing it on the Up! noticed what looked like a bit of a bin bag poking out of that square sectioned void you see in one of the images, gave it a tug and this appeared (there's one on either side of the car)

Size and shape of a crisp packet and sealed but filled with what feels like cotton balls.

Have a couple of old cars and have got into the habit of looking for manufacturing dates on hidden surfaces and the like.

Rubber strip could've been from a stock pile and long predate the cars assembly but equally if you find something that post dates manufacture might be an indicator somethings happened .

Sleeve Grey Bedrock Artifact Rectangle

Tire Wheel Bicycle tire Automotive tire Tread

Foil Aluminium foil Silver Sleeve Grey

Tire Wheel Automotive tire Hood Synthetic rubber

Light Automotive design Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Hood

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Bicycle part Bicycle tire
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