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Just somthing i stumbled across yesterday, if you want to see a self test of your radio
Press and hold the menu button and then at the same time press any of the other buttons and hold both in at the same time, after a short time the radio will display ( what I presume is the serial number and software version ) then let go of the two buttons and press the last button on the bottom row( there should be a arrow in the display).
To come out of test mode simply switch the radio off.

1. Switch radio on
2. Press and hold MENU button
3. At the same time press and hold any other button
4. You should hear an audible bleep to indicate activation of test mode
5. Display shows serial and sw version with an arrow in the bottom right of display
6. Press the last button to display test results
7. Turn radio off to exit test mode

Have fun.
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