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Thanks to the OP for this thread.

Here are the logos for the main stations in the London area.

BBC Radio 1
BBC Radio 2
BBC Radio 3
BBC Radio 4
BBC London
BBC Three Counties
BBC Berkshire
BBC Surrey/Sussex
BBC Kent
BBC Essex
Classic FM

I've not put in individual logos for all the BBC local stations, just a generic BBC Radio logo.

I've also not put in the dozens of Magic, Heart etc. variants as a) I never listen to them, and b) life's too short!


There will of course be other stations that you'll get in your area that I've not added - sorry!

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Thanks for those, I just made a load for the London area but will add yours just to complete the set!

And thanks to the OP for the instructions really clear and concise. I was a bit miffed when they didn't work at first but then realised I had put EI instead of E1!

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Hi all,

Like you all I've managed to find my way here regarding the lack of logos for the radio stations.

I've read through the instructions given in post #1 (thanks Marco), and can understand them - I've even found this page:

http://www.volkswagen.de/de/models/golf_7/brochure/senderlogos.html which gives a link to a zipped file of logos for the UK:


I would guess these are DAB logos rather than FM ones (does it make a difference so long as the PI code is correct?)

I've requested from a couple of posters here to send me their logo files, and will upload them for everyone if they arrive in my inbox, otherwise I'll spend some time this weekend getting these all correctly named.

I'm sure you all will agree - a national set of logos would be the next best thing to VW actually having the UK logos for download.

Thanks all :)

EDIT: I've also emailed Garmin to request UK logos being made available - I'll let you know how that goes...

Thanks to BigladUK sharing the zipped file of images given to him, anyone now wanting them can get them form here:

http://sneesh.com/Radio_Logos.zip - I'll be continuing to add any logos sent to me to this zip (and will add some myself).

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