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One side rear drum on my wife Up was locked solid this morning. I followed instructions on another thread about releasing the adjuster spring.

To get the drum in the right position to release the adjuster wedge I had to give the drum a few hefty taps around the side, with a piece of scrap wood between it and the hammer.

After releasing the adjuster the drum came off with a little bit of hammer encouragement .

Anyway, on other cars I've had the brake shoes contacted the back plate on three raised points, and I used to put a dot of Copper Grease there so that the shoes would move easily. On the Up there are three little nylon buttons pushed into the backplate that the shoes rest against. Nylon being self lubricating I suspect the designers expected this would stop the brakes from locking on. Obviously not though.

Has anyone used any additional lubricant on these buttons to stop the shoes locking, or are we just supposed to clean the brakes out and spray on a bit of Brake Cleaner very so often?
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