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Hi, I'm Reece, I'm 20 and I work in the parts department at a Volkswagen dealership.
I picked up my Move Up! last Friday from Worcester Volkswagen (where I work).

It had the exhaust heat shield replaced under warranty and the sales department kindly paid for a new front splitter as mine was damaged.

As soon as I got home from work I started looking for ideas on what I could do to my new Up!

I ordered some team heko wind deflectors which came today, and I fitted those but i couldn't get a decent picture due to it being dark outside.

Plans for the Up! are:
<ul>[*]pressed plates[*]RMT200 head unit[*]Lowered on coilovers or springs[*]Window tints[*]6R polo aerial[*]possibly cruise control and park aid retrofit[/list]Thanks for looking

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