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Did a 400 mile round trip to Clitheroe today

Some observations
1 cruises at 70 on the motorway like a much bigger car and returned a constant 55mpg at that speed
2 very comfortable seats, I'm a hefty lad and my bum only started to get iffy after almost 7 hrs of constant driving
3 loads and loads of cars slow down to look at the up
4 maps and more is fabulous loads of info, the voice control phone is great!
5 the back window gets filthy in British weather
6 front wipers sweep a very large area but the rear is a wee bit small!
7 Love the engine note, like half a 911 !
8 overall, this car punches so far above its weight that it's a marvel.....I love it.

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I find that 70 mph on the motorway is where the up feels most comfortable, though it's been hard to restrain myself from doing 80 and the car is also very happy at that speed. After my own first 500 miles mainly on the motorway I got 52 mpg based on actual fuel used v mileage, which probably equates pretty well with yours given the reputed slight over-optimism of the m&m.

Right now I'm trying to squeeze every last mile out of my latest tankful and I'm a) driving at 60 on the m'way and b) obeying the little arrows. It's a lot less fun driving like this especially on small roads, and it might just be worth the extra fuel cost in order to accelerate away from a junction once in a while! Glad you're enjoying the car!
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