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Hi everyone,

A new happy owner of an Up on the block! Not without a single problem though :)

The issue I am currently struggling with is Bluetooth related. I am not sure whether it is the phone's issue or M&M's.If anyone is using a Samsung Galaxy S3 paired with M&M, please let me know if you are experiencing similar strange behavior and if you managed to overcome it.

Here's the problem.

When I receive a callwhile playing music from Spotify, the music volume goes to zero (or is it actually put on pause?) on the phone. When I hang up, the volume stays at the zero level and continues playing at the zero level volume. To hear the music again, I have to manually increase the volume on the phone with the volume rocker. This is definitely not good and not safe while driving. The optimal behavior would be for the phone to resume music play at the level before the call.

Did anyone manage to resolve this issue?

I have the latest firmware installed on Garmin M&M and the latest available Android on Galaxy S3 (4.3).
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