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Hello All.

Picked up our Seat Mii last week from the dealers. Decided we needed something a bit economical friendly and always loved the ups but managed to squeeze a deal out of seat I couldn't turn down so here we are.

Seat Mii 2013 Toca
5 door
Air con
Electric windows & mirrors.
Maps and more included.

No extras.

Always preferred the tailgates on the seat over the up but preferred the ups front end prob because it has a vw badge.

Own a few vw just now and had a lupo in the past that is properly what drove me towards the small city car rather than going for a polo or Ibiza.

So far all we have done in out first 200miles is remove the mii badges from the tailgate. The large seat badge has 2 small indents behind it so left that on.

Made sure the car wasn't cleaned by dealers or plates screwed on so gave the car a full detailing session by hand.
Clayed the car with a fine clay to get rid of any fall out and didn't see the need to use polish or glaze so went straight ahead and sealed the paint with two thin coats of Kleen Freaks wax.

Have plans to tint rear windows, Fit coilovers and have some special wheels that im picking up this weekend.

Will update with pictures when I get back from ed38.

Hello all.
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