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Had my Up for about a week and I really like it.
Also have an Skoda Octavia 2.0FSI 06

Good things:
Suspension and quality of ride surprised me.
It tackles bumps better than my Octavia (which is to be fair old n

Its more quiet inside also. 2db less then the Octavia.
(Using a db-meter)

Love the light steering and ease of parking, especially at
Work were its a bit narrow spaces.

The mpg is not great yet but its coming.

The day I got it, the first gear was hard to engage.
But its gotten better and now its like every other gear.
So distinct gears and easy to use.

I have noticed it has hill hold which is great actually.

Also the cruisecontrol is just like the octavia. Easyto use.

I like all the data from the m&m system about mpg.

The interiour space. Does not feel much smaller than the octavia.

Things that I think is a bit bad :

The seats are hard to adjust to get a good support for my back.

I think the ac doesnt cool as good as the octavia.

The luggage space is a bit less then it looks or maybe im too
Used with the octavia that swallows everything :)

Overall i really enjoy this car :)

Sorry for my english!

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Welcome to the club... On my second Up and love it...
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