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Hiya everyone!

Just my little review to share with you all of a asg up! In the badish weather!

My dad went without me this morning and I had to get little ice cube out of the garage and drive to work, in the past in my golf when I opened my garage door and I drive out if I got stuck going up my backstreet I new I had no chance at work, so this morning I cleared my drive (only 2inches of fresh soft snow) and set off thinking if I don't manage the back street I'll go on bus but it just ploughed straight up, got onto the top street (which isn't a main road) amd off I went in compacted icey snow with new stuff coming down and it handled perfect apart from it kept wanting to drop into 4th so I had to manually knock it into 3rd/2nd which was ok then it automatically went back to automatic mode and into 4th so I manually knocked it back about 5 time just going up our street but once I got onto the main roads which wernt in the best condition I left in auto and it was fine!

So it's a little annoying it goes from switching to automatically going back to auto in this instance but other than that I really can't complain
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