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Hello all just wanted to share a couple of pictures and ideas from my new project

Let me know your comments and ideas.

I started installing window tinting, a vintage momo shift knob and booth, back ordered a set of 17”x7”, OZ wheels which hopefully will be here in a couple of weeks, last Saturday I went shopping for some denso spark plugs and a K&N replacement filter and that was a great add-on, today I installed a set of vogtland springs (a bit hard, let’s see) I installed a set of PIAA h4 lamps and hella fogs (still looking for the white DRL non LED’s) and finally I am looking to install a webasto 400 sliding roof, That will be the cherry on my Up’s top... maybe in a couple of months, they are not exactly cheap.

Let’s see how far it goes. Any ideas?


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