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Over the past 3 months, I've become plagued by an issue concerning a squeaking noise, from the braking system.

Upon easing my UP! to a halt, at a set of temporary traffic lights yesterday evening, the squeaking noise was the worst I've ever heard it.

Recently, when I booked my UP! into the workshop for its first service, I'd mentioned the squeaking noise to the service department.

Upon collecting the vehicle, the service manager explained that even though the discs and pads were in exceptional condition, they could be stripped and cleaned but, within time, there was every chance that the squeaking noise may return.

Initially, upon hearing the squeaking noise, I was under the impression that the noise was being emitted from the front of the vehicle but yesterday evening, the noise appeared to come the rear.

When applying the brake, which I use sparingly, preferring to use the engine as a braking mechanism, the noise is only ever heard when applying the brake to bring my UP! to a halt.

However, in the proceeding weeks since its service, the noise has become worse.

As such, I wonder whether any other UP! owners have experienced a similar problem and if so, what measures were taken to remedy the problem.
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