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Greetings to all and all the best with the new year,

I recently bought myself a up! for Christmas, it's a 2016 model and in very nice condition. So far I am loving it! :love:Specially when driving around in the city it feels like I'm in a speedy go-kart.
The only setback I have is the sound...it's not good :confused:. My guess is that there's no bass so I have decided to upgrade with a subwoofer. I am thinking to get the JBL basspro micro that fits in the booth.
Since I will be attempting to do this install myself my question is:

First. Is it really necessary to upgrade the two front speakers or can I leave it as is? It would save me time and money. But on the other hand I don't want to go through all this trouble to find out that it still doesn't sound good.

Second, I want to keep the original infotainment systeem ( Bluetooth, SD,aux lcd display). Where/ how can I find instructions on what wires to connect the sub too? From what I understand there are the red&blue Jack's but only applicable to after market radios (so there will be splicing involved) and the switch wire that turns the thing on and of.

Thank you if you read this far and I am looking forward to a good relationship with this community....there are a few more projects I have planned for my little up!🙈
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