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<div style="text-align: center; clear: both;" ="separator">So i finally
managed to get up! the dealers and seeing as i'm still waiting for my up! they
didn't mind me fitting deflectors to the one in the showroom.

These are the Team Heko versions which slot in to the rubber channel as
opposed to the "stick on" vw versions and are a darker tint than the VW
versions,these work fine with manual and electric windows and we have sold Heko
for 5 years with very few issues.

These will retail on our site(when it's working in 7 days) for £24.99 with
£6.99 parcelforce 24 hr but up! forum members get 10% off making these £22.49
plus £6.99 postage.

If you want these plus a set of mats no problem you pay only £6.99 once no
matter if you want some for a friend as well.

You can pay with paypal or ring us with card details just say your from the up! forum.
01792 896488

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Do the wind deflectors reduce or increase the level of road noise when the windows are closed?
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