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Hello, I have owned my UP! for just over a year now so I thought it was time for a build thread! Since my first viewing I have been in love ever since. She has so much character and they are not often seen in the VW scene. Despite not being the fastest car in the world I completely love my UP!

Modifications were slow at the beginning with the addition of Climair wind deflectors, wheels from a High UP and

HID DRL lights.

Serious modifications began nearing the end of the 2015 show season with the addition of a set of Corbeau Clubsport bucket seats and a set of AP Coilovers.

The seats are complicated to fit dues to the fact the UP! has no aftermarket seat rails and the Coilovers are wound all the way down at the back and about a quarter from the bottom at the front, however there are no helper springs. Ride comfort is okay with the AP Coilovers, its a little bouncy which is to be expected and when you hit an unavoidable bump in the road its quite hard. However on the whole its not that bad. Its nowhere near the lowest UP! out there but i have no problems with speed bumps providing i take them slowly.

I have plans for the future such as a set of 16 inch Genuine BBS RS and i have a rear wiper delete kit which i have chosen not to fit currently because for now I'm happy with how she is!

I hope you enjoy a few more pictures!

Thanks you for looking and showing an interest :)
I can be found on instagram)
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