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Well this is the cheery sight that greeted me after work the other day - looks like Buttercup has made a new friend""¦

They really stood out in a car park full of grey and black rep mobiles - they almost looked like a pair of toy cars that had no business being there!

Quite interesting to see how minor changes to the headlights and grille make the cars look quite different. I do wish my Mii had the same kink in the rear windows that the Up! has""¦

You can just about tell from the picture how much room there is to spare in the two parking spaces; I think it would be possible to fit three of these cars in two spaces. Made me think that if there was a wholesale shift to cars of these size it could do wonders for congestion and pollution in cities""¦

It would be nice to get a hat trick with a Citigo joining them one day! Fingers crossed""¦
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