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Hey friends, how are you... So my name is Diogo and im making a UP GTI 2 doors replica on Brazil. Here we have a UP TSI (1.0 TSI 105bhp) but only in 4 doors.

We have a tuning shop and we will make a UP GTI replica on UP 2 doors.
As here, originally 1.0 TSI engine does not come out on 2 door vehicles, we will swap a TSI engine for this 2 door body and import from Europe as many original parts as possible to make a perfect replica of UP GTI 2 doors here .

Who can give a force, I will be very grateful.

What we want to buy in this firts moment:

-UP GTI shift knob
-UP GTI seat covers
-UP GTI OEM emblems
-UP 2/3 doors Glass Tailgate (preferably black)
-UP GTI OEM Wheels (no tires)

If you guys use whatsapp you can send me a message on number: +55 62 981219561


1 - 2 of 2 Posts