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Has anyone on here transitioned (no not that) from a Kia Picanto Gt 1.0 turbo to the Up Gti. my reason for asking is that we collected my wife new Kia yesterday and what a cracking car it is. I ordered my Up Gti without test driving one as it was impossible to obtain a drive but the vast amount of research that I did rated the Up as superior. Can't wait to get my mitts on it.
I had a Picanto GT-Line (1.0 T-GDi). Car was fantastic and really adored it. That was a 19 plate so pre- midlife facelift (the new one is actually worse as it loses a rear seat).

I now have an Up! GTI… just feels so much more special. It’s got way more character, sounds better (albeit half faked), looks better IMO, is faster and feels better built.

The KIA has the advantages of the 7 year warranty, cheaper services and at least with the pre-face lift, an additional rear seat.

GTI is a much better “drivers car” though, but in that class, the Picanto GT-Line is a close second (I assume the i10 N-Line would be near identical). The Abarth range are just bizarre and stupid to me. Other than those, there isn’t really much more direct competition.
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