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My wife was driving her VW UP to day and I was told "the steering went funny" and can only tell you it sounded like the power steering stopped working. The upshot of that split second of steering loss going round a roundabout meant a slight collision with the kerb resulting in the damage of one of her alloy wheels.

As the car is only a few months old, she called VW and they sent out an engineer within a few hours. He plugged in his diagnostics unit and confirmed the steering showed a fault from earlier. He said it needed an update, which would have been done during it's first service.

He made a phone call and the car is now booked in for first thing tomorrow morning. He said nothing about the alloy wheel damage.

I'm assuming that they would have updated it even if she had been doing 70mph on the motorway and written the bloody thing off in the process...

What I would like to know is, is VW liable for the damage to the wheel as it's obviously a known problem?

Many thanks,

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