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Hi after originally wanting to ride red steelies with
whitewall tyres I changed my mind after looking through all of everyone pics on
here and falling for the 17" mini cooper s minilite type wheels.Sticking to stereo types and being from yorkshire I found one wheel for £36 with a few dinks and a bit of curbing in need of refurbing. So i decided to see how easy it would be to fix and spray with no experience what so ever!

Bit of sanding later!
Bit of Filler
And currently on with the primer!
Bit of wet and dry and a few more coats of primer and I'll be ready for the Candy white paint (that's if i dont change my mind!)
I'm already very pleased with the outcome and have some more wheels ready to be attacked.

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Have you opened the centre bore a bit as i think they are different, see Mod thread "neils up"

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Sorry, should have said, looking good on the re-ferb too. :)

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Looking good.I would recommend opening out the centre bore before putting the final coat of paint on, just in case the front face of the wheels gets marked during the machining. I've just machined out a set of these for mine and it would be very easy to damage the rim or face if not careful.
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