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Hi Guys

Finally catching up with this

Fitted my new winter tyres today, VW 14'' steel wheels, 165/70 section Conti Contact TS860, VW wheel trims

I can now store my 4 x summer tyre standard alloys, however, it also gives me an option to have a spare

However, in my BEATS, you can't have a spare because is has a 300w sound system, amp in the spare wheel well

But if you unplug the Amp, the audio still works fine, take it out and you have room (and I'd rather have a spare wheel)

So, ABC as follows

Unplug Amp
Unscrew retainer, remove amp
Unbolt Amp retainer frame (8mm hex bolt) & remove
Remove Foam retainer having first extracted the tow eye bolt and locking wheel nut
Place these in the tool sack supplied with the BEATS model (jack & wheel brace)
Lay FULL SIZE alloy spare in wheel well, it fits !
Use retainer screw to secure the spare and place the tool bag in the alloy, replace floor, it lays flat

NOW the legal stuff
Caution: You should not use a summer tyre with a winter tyre on the same axle !


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I did that to my Mii and my wife's UP Beats a few months ago. Bought two 16" wheels with tyres from a breaker, fit a treat. Both our cars had the Beats subwoofer in the boot, now both up in our loft. Bought a toolkit from a Polo that was breaking, it is in a semi circular shaped plastic box and fits in the wheel with some space for a few other tools. Small circular plastic cover over the wheel, and all hidden from sight, nice and tidy.
I notice absolutely no difference to the sound with the subwoofers removed.
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